Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Robson Stannard

Robson Stannard utilizes a style heavily dependent on a joyous mix of colour combinations and sweeping paint gestures, churning colours into vivid forms. Runner up in CassArt's Draw Fashion competition last year, his unique and simplistic approach has seen him recently included in SHOWstudio's growing list of illustrators to interpret Fashion Week. 

The clothing element is perhaps obviously secondary but not unlike most fashion illustrators and artists, his choice and selection of clothing or muse act simply to further an identity creation that complements his own aesthetic, rather than merely recording somebody else.

Richard Haines x Dries Van Noten

Above: The Dries Van Noted store, Antwerp.

Dries Van Noten has once again collaborated with the brilliant Richard Haines for a new series of illustrations inspired on the ballpoint drawn prints from the AW 2018-19 Women’s collection. Using only the ubiquitous biro pen himself, Haines lends his whimsical line style to these wonderful promotional drawings.

"Backstage, Van Noten said his studio had been perfecting the elaborate biro-like prints that defined the collection for three months. They had a doodling quality to them, which, up close, felt much more spontaneous and exuberant than it looked from afar. The inspiration was Art Brut – outsider art – named so because it’s executed by amateur artists with no gallery contracts or responsibilities to speak of. “Postmen in the South of France,” as Van Noten quipped."