Monday, 15 April 2013

Flashback: Julie Verhoeven's illustrations for Mel B - Word Up

I've written rather a lot about Julie's work on the blog of late, so this will probably be the last for a while. These were left out of a previous post, until I recently discovered more works from the project via V&A's archive, and felt compelled to post up.

Looong before I knew about her work, I was given a free promo cd-rom (yes... this was a long time ago, way back in '99) for Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (no, it was not me who went to see it, I was 13). 
This was around the time that computers were only able to start coping with full screen video, BEFORE MOST OF US EVEN HAD PHONES!! The cd-rom included various music videos from the film's soundtrack.
This one stuck with me the moment I saw it and has always remained a personal favourite. I even love how the graphics have dated somewhat crudely. It wasn't until years later when my friend had purchased Julie's Gas book that I learned it was indeed her who was responsible for the storyboarding and dark sexual imagery.

While not necessarily referenced in Julie's main career highlights, the fact that a Spice Girl had such an alternative video (Mel G as she was known at the time was heavily preggers), coupled with the fact it's a translation of Julie's brilliant works and the impact the video itself had on me, means I'll always be a fanboy over it. It's a fascinating insight for any creative to see how the works have been translated into motion.

All of the illustrations featured here are either from the archives at the V&A or scans from the Tank book. Screengrabs direct from the video.

Mel G - Word Up
Storyboard Illustration: Julie Verhoeven
Director: W.I.Z
CGI: Pison and The Mill.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Decoy at FIG 26/04/13.

 Click to enlarge.

Both images by Artaksiniya.

Left, Richard Kilroy. Right, Richard Gray.

Both works by Richard Gray.

Left, Ricardo Fumanal. Right, Tara Dougans.

David Downton's Vogue Australia cover. Original work and print magazine.